Welcome to the "Heaven and Earth" portfolio of North Palm Beach Florida Artist, Karen Hudson (KASH)

Heaven & Earth, where else would you depict loved ones as Angels or attempt a visual interpretation of a chapter in Revelations. “Holy Cow” is literal….it’s a little hard to see in the picture but that cow has holes in it….you can see the sea…really…right through the cow. “Faith’s little House” is just Faith’s little house, she wanted a painting of it and it’s a good thing too cause it’s not hers anymore. The next will have to be “Faith’s little bit Bigger House” and then “Faith’s Big House” (no…that doesn’t sound right, well you get the picture).

The Temptation of Sheba by Karen Hudson

The Temptation of Sheba

Holy Cow Did You See Those Birds? By Karen Hudson

Holy Cow Did You See Those Birds?

Failth's Little House by Karen Hudson

Faith's Little House

A Vision from Revelation by Karen Hudson

A Vision From Revelation *

Bosco Storm the Gazebo  by Karen Hudson

Bosco Storms the Gazebo

* Indicates painting is available for sale

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