Welcome to the "Rough Seas & Calm Waters" portfolio of North Palm Beach Florida Artist, Karen Hudson (KASH)

The Rough Seas and Calm Waters section pose questions or tell stories. Like “Maid of the Missed” was painted to torment my friends in Canada as to how the dreaded zebra clam has come to populate the Great Lakes (it came attached to the damsel’s barrel going over Niagara Falls) “Flying Birds and Sea Creatures Follow the Ark” asks how did all the birds and fish fit on the ark…..they followed it of course, two by two. One problem, the shrimp got painted the color of cooked shrimp….what was I thinking. “O Solo Trio” gets a squid in Venice because my favorite college professors love Calamari. Hey….the paintings are Naïve / Primitive / Folk we can do anything we want with your painting.


Gathering Water Lilies by Karen Hudson

Gathering Water Lilies

The Shark Whisperer



Maid of  the Missed by Karen Hudson

Maid of the Missed

Flying Birds and Sea Creature Follow the Ark by Karen Hudson

Flying Birds & Sea Creatures Follow the Ark *

Song of the Lorelei by Karen Hudson

Song of the Lorelei *

Red Skies in the Morning by Karen Hudson

Red Skies in the Morning *

Pirate Fuzz Face by Karen Hudson

Pirate Fuzz Face

Moon Over MYkonos by Karen Hudson

Moon Over Mykonos

O Solo Trio by Karen Hudson

O Solo Trio

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