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I started my Wedding Portrait supplementary career by specializing in turning wedding photos into primitive paintings and like many of my other categories I started with the familiar (my friends) and took a lot of heat like “I look like I’m on my knees” “I’ve never owned a dog” (yeah so…and you’re telling me this because…..) If they didn’t own a dog (now or in their childhood) they got my dog in the painting because you just have to have a dog in a wedding portrait…it means faithfulness right!!!! I’ve got four dogs in my portrait and it didn’t mean faithfulness….hmmmmmm maybe I should have painted it sooner. I do have a warning for those of you interested in a wedding momento, six of the wedding couples have split. It’s not my fault…. really, it doesn’t mean a thing. More paintings are still married than those that aren’t. Wonder what Kinsey would have said.

Wedding in the Woods by Karen Hudson

Wedding in the Woods *

At Least the Dogs were Faithful by Karen Hudson

At Least the Dogs Were Faithful *

Mark & Peri by Karen Hudson

Mark & Peri

Mina, Bill & Kitty get Hitched by Karen Hudson

Mina, Bill & Kitty Get Hitched

Tropical Wedding by Karen Hudson

Tropical Wedding *

Bernice and Don by Karen Hudson

Bernice & Don

The Honeymoon by Karen Hudson

The Honeymoon

Sharon & Rick by Karen Hudson

Sharon & Rick

Kelly & Tom by Karen Hudson

Kelly & Tom

Sandi and Carl Tie the Knot by Karen Hudson

Sandi & Carl Tie the Knot

Wedding of Maria and Fritz by Karen Hudson

Wedding of Maria & Fritz

California Wedding of Michael and Kim by Karen Hudson

California Wedding of Michael & Kim

Pagan Wedding by Karen Hudson

Pagan Wedding

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